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The mobile apparatus 1 has a conventional receiving location for the insertion of a removable identification card 2, for example a SIM card 2 which identifies the user in the telecommunication network 4. SIM cards are already utilized now in GSM, DCS, or PCS mobile apparatus, among other things, or also in future fixed networks having subscriber identification by chip cards. The SIM card may be either a full-size card or a plug-in card; it is connected to the end apparatus 1 by a contact region 24 on the surface of the card. Other card formats, as well as contactless SIM cards, may, however, likewise be used within the scope of this invention. The SIM card 2 contains data-processing means, for example a known GSM-SIM microcontroller 20. Other identification cards, for example multi-purpose cards known by the term Opencard, may also be utilized in this invention. Thus, data may be written on the chip card or read out from the card through an outside device, for example another contactless telephone or any desired data-processing device.

Patent application WO 98/28900 in the name of the applicant describes a method of ordering products or information by means of a mobile station. The product code must comprise a large number of alphanumerical characters so that the product and the product supplier are unambiguously designated.

The antenna is integrated in the housing in such a way that the absorption is kept as small as possible and that a transmission with the chosen frequency is also possible. According to the invention, the mobile apparatus 1 contains at least one additional two-way interface such as, for example, an infrared interface having an infrared transceiver 14 on sophia tx coin the housing 18. By means of this interface, the mobile apparatus and an outside device 3 can exchange data and programs with each other contactlessly and without making use of the mobile radio network 4. The mobile apparatus 1 may be utilized in a conventional mobile radio network 4, for example a GSM network, in order to transmit languages and data.


Java applets downloaded from a platform 8 and through the network 4 may then be run by the processing means 20, 21 or transmitted on by the latter through the interface 31, 31′ to an outside device 3, 3′. As already mentioned, the SIM card 2 is connected to the mobile radio network 4, for example to a GSM network, when it is inserted sophia tx coin in the mobile apparatus 1. Known filter means in the SIM server and in the SIM cards permit carrying out special services, such as the exchange of the files, instructions, and programs between the SIM server and a SIN card. The SIN server is operated by a SIM operator who, as a rule, also manages the communication network 4.

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Depending on the application, a transmission frequency of, for instance, 125 kHz, 13.56 MHz, 400 MHz, or 5.2 GHz is used, the applied frequency also being dependent youtube video on the data-transmission rate needed. A frequency of about 13.56 MHz is preferred, however, in order to ensure compatibility with bank applications.

Best Yoga Poses To Lose Weight Quickly And Easily

A counter integrated in the SIM card may, for example, count the number of uses of one of the interfaces 14 or 15 and determine a fee from that number. The fee may also be dependent upon the duration of use if the chip card integrates a time-measuring device. Other preferably sophia tx coin object-oriented languages, such as Corba or C++, for instance, might also be used. The communication controller 16/21 and the inductive/electromagnetic interface 15 are fed by the main battery of the mobile apparatus 1. The infrared interface is not used.

2) by keying in data directly on the keypad of the mobile apparatus. The SIM cards generally contain data-processing means, usually a GSM microcontroller integrated in a chip. I discovered your blog the usage of msn. That is an extremely neatly written article.

Thus, the SIM card can also be utilized as an identification means in another apparatus after an update. Instead of the infrared transceiver 14, or preferably in addition to this transceiver, the mobile apparatus in one modification contains another two-way interface, in this case an antenna 15 integrated at the back of the housing 18. By means of this interface, the mobile apparatus can likewise exchange data and programs inductively or electromagnetically directly with an outside device 3′ without making use of the mobile radio network 4. As an antenna, a coil may for instance be used, which may, for example, be made by winding of a wire, by printing or etching of a conductor film, or with strip lines.

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